The best collection of pre-discovery artifacts are displayed by the Titanic Historical Society in Massachusetts,USA.

Since the wreck was discovered there have been several expeditions to salvage artifacts. Some of these were on display at the National Maritime Museum in London, England from October 4th 1994 - 30th September 1995.

In late 1995/early 1996 opportunities to purchase pieces of Titanic coal were presented to enthusiasts. Great efforts were made to ensure the pedigree of the coal as being from the wreck site.

During the early part of 1996 an opportunity for enthusiasts to visit the site (in a cruise ship) and witness the salvage of a large section of hull was offered. Details still do not seem to be finalised, for latest details visit the mailing list. UK enthusiasts seem to be in the dark again :-(

In association with RMS Titanic, Inc., The Florida International Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida will be presenting Titanic, The Exhibition, the largest exhibition to date of Titanic objects recovered from the wreck site. Get a sense of the grandeur that was once the great ship Titanic from more than 250 objects recovered from the depths, including Titanic's foremast navigational lamp, a bronze cherub, the ship's whistles, silver dinnerware, fine china, gold coins, jewelry, delicate paper objects such as a stock certificate and personal letters, communications and navigational gear, and a piece of one of Titanic's massive engines. Hear the personal stories of loss, and see why the world mourned.
Beginning November 15, 1997 Titanic, The Exhibition will be presented until May 15, 1998. Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased by calling 1-800-777-9882. More information can also be found by visiting the Florida International Museum's web site at <>.

After its premiere in Norfolk, Virginia, at Nauticus, The National Maritime Center, Titanic: The Expedition makes its West Coast debut aboard the legendary Queen Mary. Now being presented until January 4, 1998, the exhibition features Titanic artifacts and a display of state-of-the art technology and deep-sea equipment used in the August 1996 recovery of the artifacts by RMS Titanic, Inc.
Among the exhibition's featured artifacts is a selection of White Star Line dishware and a personal letter written more than eight decades ago. Other "wet" items, being displayed in water until conservation treatment is complete, include one of Titanic's whistles, a pair of binoculars, a porthole, and a silver soup tureen recently featured in the magazine Art & Antiques as one of the 100 Top Treasures of 1996.
For more information on tickets and reservations, visit the Queen Mary web site at <> or call (562) 435-3511.

Speicherstadt, the historic maritime center of Hamburg, Germany is the site of the largest exhibit of Titanic artifacts ever shown in Europe. This exhibition is presented by Voyager Titanic GmbH in association with RMS Titanic, Inc., and contains approximately 300 artifacts recovered from the Titanic wreck site.
In addition to many unique objects from Titanic and her passengers and crew, the exhibition will include the first opportunity for the public to view Titanic's bell, compass, telegraph, and safe together. The theme of the Hamburg exhibition is a highly interactive presentation of the technological advances required to accomplish the recovery and conservation of Titanic artifacts. A unique highlight is a special display by IFREMER (the world's leading oceanographic institute) that includes an opportunity for the public to view a unique sampling of living deep ocean sea life.
The exhibition will be presented until January 31, 1998. More details regarding the exhibit can be found by calling 0180/567 12 59. Or in German, more information can be found at the Voyager web site address <>.

Artifact retrieval is one of the "hot" subjects in the Titanic world at the moment, expect to encounter many points of view!